Technical Writing

I enjoy creating technical documentation and user training because I specialize in human-computer interaction and human-centered computing, so I'm always interested in helping create better and more usable technology—whether it be through scientific experiments, research studies, or well-written technical documents and user guides.

Fixing the 2016 Mac Lilypad USB Serial port/Driver Issues

I wrote this AutoDesk Instructables tutorial on the final day of my wearables class at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Many of us had struggled with this common and difficult Lilypad driver issue. After extensive testing and troubleshooting, I managed to solve the problem. My solution was widely shared within the lab and department, so it was obvious choice for our final assignment—an Instructables tutorial addressing a general audience.

My tutorial was also selected as a “Featured Instructable,” which “means you are an excellent author, and you're providing some of the best content on the site,” according to the Instructables page on featured articles.

Exit Presentation:

Oltman Danielle Exit Presentation.pptx

Creating Technical Docs and User Training for NASA Ames Research Center Operations

I can’t comment on the specifics of this project, due to NASA and United States Government security concerns and export controls.

I can say that I spent spent four months working for the NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) in 2020, where I developed detailed, elegant, and user-focused technical documentation for a critical software system that helps manage ARC operations. As the sole technical writer on the development team, I collaborated with project managers, developers, resource executives, and users to create accessible, thoughtful documentation and training for the newly released service request software system.

While creating the documentation, I conducted multiple user tests and interviews, which helped me produce helpful and usable documentation for a diverse group of ARC employees and contractors.

If you're curious to see more, view my exit presentation (just be aware that it's far from exhaustive, for the aforementioned reasons).